John Shiban Boldly Goes

I missed the trade releases on this, but it seems
X-Files vet John
has come on board the Enterprise
writing staff. I like the idea of Enterprise
hiring someone new to Star Trek who is
familiar with sci-fi shows with devoted audiences and
long-term story arcs. For a complete list of his
contributions to The X-Files and The Lone
, check out his
Redwolf page

2 replies on “John Shiban Boldly Goes”

  1. Hrmmm……..
    Considering we already have the Temporal Cold War thread, I wonder what the odds are that a Suliban could go back in time disguised as a Grey and do experiments on Scully? :)

    C’mon, you know you’d watch. heheheh

  2. Soap Operas
    Long-running story arcs? I HATE long-running story arcs.
    I don’t get to watch the show as much as I would like and
    hence don’t have any idea about what is happening when I
    do catch the show. This is why I never got into XFiles.
    Unless you’d seen the show from the beginning, it wasn’t
    overly interesting.

    Writers: please, please, don’t let Enterprise turn into
    Days of Our Lives on DS9 or As The Station Turns…

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