The Matrix 2: Who ISN’T In It?

Okay, we’ve confirmed that all the biggies from “The
Matrix” are coming back for the sequel. Actress Jada
Pinkett-Smith has just signed on, and the Wachowski
Brothers are reportedly talking with singer Aaliyah, Harold Perrineau
Jr., Harry Lennex, and Carrie-Anne Moss’ co-star in “Red
Planet,” Benjamin Bratt. So, other than me, who hasn’t been offered a role?
Tell us all about your role in the “Matrix” sequel.

4 replies on “The Matrix 2: Who ISN’T In It?”

  1. My role in the Matrix
    I play “Annoying guy on the sidewalk whom Trinity dodges but gets into Agent way by staring at Trinity, thus allowing Trinity to escape.”

    And I don’t care how many takes are required, I’ll stare until I get it right.


  2. News from Australia
    Well, first of all, industry gossip is that the sequels will actually be called The Matrix I and The Matrix II (with the original just being the Matrix).

    Secondly, a friend of mine’s mate is in the final list of thirty or so being considered for a small speaking part (think Mouse sort of role). As such, he’s read a bit of the script, and says it’s not half as good as the original. Mind you, this is hearsay and opinion, and it’s still an early draft, so things could improve…

    I’m not in it yet, but I’m working on it. (= Yay for antipodean film studios…


  3. The Matrix2:
    Is it likely that Matrix2 will continue to follow Gnostic views of the Universe.

    And no, I am not in it.


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