Donate your brain to science!

From your friend and mine, Anonymous Coward: In a goodwill gesture, many Internet users donate their computer’s spare
CPU time to massively distributed computing projects such as SETI@home or Distributed.Net for the advancement
of science, but how many of us have donated our spare BRAIN power? Two
heads are better than one, and in the case of online, Internet-based
psychology experiments, many thousands of heads can rapidly speed the pace
of science. The American
Psychological Society
is currently sponsoring a variety of quick and
easy online
that range from simple and anonymous surveys to interactive, graphical
. Online experiments can provide an entertaining way to
spend a coffee break but can also teach you about the human brain; each
experiment provides a scientific explanation of the study once
completed. Donate your spare brain power today!

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  1. WTF!?!
    I can’t believe this. Not only is this a story idea I submnitted to Slashdot where it was rejected, but the wording of this “Anonymous Coward” posting proves to me it is actually my rejected posting with very minor edits. Somebody’s plagerizing the Slahdot reject pile. At least they have the honor of doing it as an AC….

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