“Tron Legacy” Director wants to reimagine “The Black Hole”

MTV is reporting that Joseph Kosinski, the director of the upcoming sequel to Tron would like to next work on an re-imagining of Disney’s other big Sci-Fi film, “The Black Hole”. His plan for the film would involve take a more hard Sci-Fi take on the story, taking advantage of more recent scientific discoveries and theories about the nature of black holes and how they work. The script is doe to be written by Travis Beacham, who wrote the re-make of “Clash of the Titans” that is due in theaters this year.

TheAngryMob reviewed the original back in 2005.

4 replies on ““Tron Legacy” Director wants to reimagine “The Black Hole””

  1. When I reviewed it five years ago, I never really thought of a remake, but it is definitely a candidate. Go with something closer to Science than the Fiction, but keep the deranged captain, the “missing” crew and that creepy freaking robot, Maximilian, and you’ve got a solid flick.

    Here’s some pitfalls they can avoid:
    1. Keep Maximilian silent as the grave. Even if they got James Earl Jones to do the voice, silent is way scarier.
    2. Focus on the fate of the crew and less about going through the black hole.
    3. Go PG-13. Don’t pander down to PG. Heck, you could even take this move to Event Horizon levels of terror and go for the R.
    4. Cast an older actor for the villain. Don’t give me some pouty underwear model and expect me to think he’s bitter and brilliant.

  2. Much as I agree with you on the Event Horizon level of creepyness, it is a Disney property and I highly doubt we’ll ever see anything with the Disney brand come out as an R rated movie

  3. So long as they leave in the part where the robot uses his hands as high speed fan blades to poke holes in someones chest, I’ll check it out.

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