CW renews “Supernatural,” “Vampire Diaries”

It’s been confirmed that Supernatural will get a sixth season and The Vampire Diaries will get a second season. In the past few years, it’s been Supernatural and Smallville that get the early announcements, though in previous years they aired back to back. I’ll watch for other renewal notices in the coming weeks.

3 replies on “CW renews “Supernatural,” “Vampire Diaries””

  1. I must admit I’m kinda disappointed – Supernatural had previously been stated as ending this season so I was looking forward to a gangbusters finale, now I’m concerned the studio won’t let it end properly and will just keep milking it. That said, I’m still thoroughly enjoying season 5.

  2. “Supernatural,” according to the interviews I’ve read since getting back into the DVDs, was originally conceived on a three year plan, and then extended to five. It sounds like Kripke approached the CW in November to tell them that he’d come up with ideas to make eight seasons work. Given that Kripke said the extension started with him, I’m staying hopeful. Now for season five to hit Blu-Ray so I can get all the way caught up for this fall…

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