5 replies on “Smallville renewed for season ten”

  1. Some people say it’s jumped the shark or past its prime, but this season has really been good, overall, IMHO.

    I say bring on season 10, and if it still works next year, 11.

    • “After you finish drinking your Geritol, Clark, come and take a look at this suit I made. I think if you wear it, you could go public with your ‘super-hero’ identity.”

  2. I could have sworn they’d said ‘after season six, we’re going to end it’, and I could have sworn there was an article saying that season nine would show us the end of the series. Now we’ve got a series ten? C’mon! They aren’t even in Smallville, and I’m not sure that anything besides a surprise trip to the farm house ever even mentions that city anymore. I want them to end it so that we can see the finale, a great, surprise visit from Lex, some massive battle, and Clark jumping up and flying into it, wearing Blue and Red!

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