The onset of summer is no excuse to stop learning. In this year’s session, we will address Quantum Physics. Be here each Monday morning through July and August for a new lesson in the nine part series, covering graduate level physics concepts with grade school math, or no math at all. The first lesson: Classical Thinking: Why Does It Fail? Thanks go out to my proofreaders: Gord Haverland, Maurice Hilarius, Bonnie Hogg, Claire MacDonald, Rob MacDonald, Neil Pritchard and Anthony Stauffer. Thanks also go to Stacey Keeler, the artist who created the spiffy new category icon you see here. Complete syllabus below.

Course Syllabus: Physics 142 – Quantum Physics


Times: Every Monday through July and August

Capacity: Unlimited


  • At least average intelligence. It is safe to assume all Bureau 42 exceed this prerequisite.
  • Grade school level math. The most complicated math in the series is this: “if a times b is less than 6, and we measure a to be 2, then b must be less than 3.” If you can follow that, you’ll be fine.
  • The ability to view PDF documents. If you do not have such an ability already, there are numerous effective free packages for viewing them available online, include Adobe Acrobat Reader, xpdf, kpdf, GhostView, and more, according to taste and operating system. Adobe created the Portable Document Format, so their reader is a safe bet.
  • An interest in learning.