Bureau 42 Event Calendar now live

There’s a new link on the right hand side of your page: the Bureau 42 event calendar. Here you can find a list of events relevant or of interest to Bureau 42 readers. This includes genre movie releases, major DVD/Blu-Ray releases, new episodes of genre TV shows (with reminders 15 hours before broadcast, which can be added to your own digital calendars) and reminders about upcoming columns and reviews that we have scheduled. All times are in Pacific time, the same time zone as our server. We take requests for event addition. (Current TV shows included: Lost, Smallville and Supernatural.)

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  1. Oh, and it’s a Google Calendar! This is awesome!

    Now all we need is a chat room for the Bureau 42 regular readers to hang out, chit chat and idle in. And we’ll need a name for that, like ‘Agents’ or ‘Bureaucrats’, and we’ll have a full blown web community.

    As for shows I would add, what about the BBC debuts of Doctor Who (Coming up on 4 April ), Torchwood, and Sarah Jane?

    As for domestic shows, we watch Warehouse 13, V, FlashForward, House, Castle, Bones, both NCISes, Medium, Ghost Whisperer, Numb3rs, and Heroes. I suspect only the first three are even worth considering for this calendar, and the last two I think are done, aren’t they?

    As for events, something like the celestial events listed here or here would probably work on this calendar as well, but obviously they’re already covered elsewhere. Maybe just some highlights, like a meteor shower, aphelion, or such.

    • There has been some discussion about adding a Bureau 42 forum. If there’s interest, we’ll do that one for sure; we can look at chat rooms, too.

      Going by TV.com: I’ve added the all confirmed episodes (with airdates) for Doctor Who, V, FlashForward, Medium and Ghost Whisperer, though I stopped putting in reminders for them for fear of flooding subscriber inboxes with reminders for every show on the air. I’ll leave it up to readers to set up their own reminders from now on. Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures, and Warehouse 13 do not currently have new episodes listed on TV.com, but we can certainly add those ones, too.

  2. By the way, try switching to “Agenda” view and scrolling down. At the time of this writing, we’ve got events listed up to and including May 4, 2012.

  3. Niiice! I like this a lot, and especially the Agenda view. Good work from the B42 team! :)

    Somethings that I noticed were absent (I think these dates are all correct):

    * “Stargate: Universe” (although I don’t think many people here are still watching.)
    * “True Blood” from 13th June
    * “Futurama” from 24th June (how *could* you miss this one?!)

    And my personal guilty pleasure:

    * “Star Wars: Clone Wars” on Fridays

    I suppose you could add the “end” of the Aztec Calendar on Dec 23rd 2012 as well… :)

  4. Very nice! What is the google calendar name? I’d like to add it to my list there, but searching for “bureau42” got me a “doesn’t exist, send invite?” message…

  5. Season 2 of Merlin is starting this Friday on syfy, and I assume you’ll update Eureka, Sanctuary and Caprica whenever they come back. Maybe add Chuck and The Big Bang Theory as well?

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