Independence Day sequels may be coming

Chad points us to this site, which reports rumours of two sequels to Independence Day coming with Will Smith and Roland Emmerich attached. This could be interesting, as I always felt the original was more from the Dean Devlin half of the Devlin/Emmerich partnership, so any sequels which do get made could be very different from the original. Emmerich always knew how to make smart movies, and Devlin taught him how to make marketable movies, for better or worse.

4 replies on “Independence Day sequels may be coming”

  1. From the story…. this could delay Emmerich’s interpretation of the Foundation trilogy.

    Thank God.

    • Still don’t see how that can be adapted into a movie (even with a skilled director).

      I’ve been dying to see the Rama series on film, but I know full well, it just won’t translate.

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