Joss Whedon likely to direct “The Avengers”

The rumours have migrated up to Variety now: Joss Whedon is in the final stages of signing a deal to direct The Avengers for Marvel. It’s not completely official yet, but it’s looking very likely.

3 replies on “Joss Whedon likely to direct “The Avengers””

  1. The people making Marvel’s movies seem to have a bit more together right now.
    This would be Joss Whedon, born to write and direct Wonder Woman, but left the project because the studio had troubles with his approach.

    I’d like to see what he’d do with this project.

  2. This should be interesting, to say the least. Possibly even good! Iron Man is a natural fit for him; I could see him doing a good job with Nick Fury (although I don’t know that character that well), but for Captain America and Thor he’s going to have to turn down the irony factor quite a bit. If he can do that, and he really gets what each character is about, he’s certainly got the storytelling skills to make a great movie.

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