Lost Discussion – “The End”

Last night, the final episode of “Lost” aired. Did you get enough answers to feel satisfied?

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  1. I was expecting a cheap hand-wavy resolution to the mess of loose threads, and the finale delivered a knotty ball of strings indeed.

    Fortunately, the rock bottom of series finale was discovered by BSG, so I was fully prepared to drop my sounding wire deep enough to reach the end of Lost.

    • I actually enjoyed the Lost finale quite a bit.

      I agree that they didn’t present as coherent an overall picture as the should have, ie even over the course of the 6th season the sunken Island doesn’t really jive with the purgatory version of the flash sideways. Though I don’t mind some mysteries like the statue and temple remaining.

      As the BSG I noticed there are quite a few similarities. Both featured troubled and flawed characters and a number of mysteries. And both series started with a mixture of SF and mysticism/religion that moved further towards the mystical/religious end of the spectrum towards the end of the series.

      Both finales also focused mostly on emotional conclusions for the main characters, while giving mystical and somewhat unsatisfactory resolutions to the larger mysteries.

      I think the difference is that by the end I absolutely despised every BSG character but actually liked almost all the Lost gang. Thus a finale focused on the Lost characters was a lot more satisfying that one on BSG characters.

  2. I liked it. I agree that it answered enough. LOST ended up being a fun ride all the way through. Its now second only to Babylon 5 as far as I’m concerned.

    It was good that not everything was fully explained or fully sown up. You can still bring your own interpretation to the story. However, the full circle of Jack’s story was satisfying to see and was very straightforward.

    • LOL
      It was Jack’s story that I didn’t really like, but that’s okay.. as you said, it’s all open to interpretation and to me he’s just one of the people. Perhaps told from his perspective but the story was NOT about him.

      I gotta believe!

  3. “The Island is a cookbook! A cooooooooookbook!”

    Having missed it initially, we planned to watch the show once it finished. I already know the conclusion, but not all the twists along the way.

    Any advice? I hear various comments about where we could stop watching, which seasons didn’t add much…..

  4. I absolutely adored the ending.
    All the individual stories. The people resolving their own issues.

    As for the Island, I do love how so much is left to interpretation.

    LOVED IT! :)

  5. I was fairly satisfied by the finale, as a whole, and the more I think about it, the more I like it.

    That said, consider this:

    I had forgotten just how many things have gone unanswered over the years. Though we have been told more answers will be on the DVDs, who knows if we’ll get them all.

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