X-Files Discussion – Blessed Saint Scully?

Since there was no new episode this week, this week’s X-Files column will be a discussion forum. The topic: is Scully a reincarnation of the Virgin Mary?

In season three, Clyde Bruckman revealed that Scully would never die. Then, in the season six episode Tithonis, it appeared as though Scully would achieve that immortality. It has also been revealed that Scully’s ova were taken from her during her abduction, leaving her sterile. Yet, she has recently become pregnant.

This brings us to the topic of today’s discussion: is Scully the immortal reincarnation of the Virgin Mary? The impregnation of a sterile person can be viewed as a sort of immaculate conception, and she does seem to be immortal… What do you think? Do you hope this sort of revelation is pursued on the show? Do you hope it isn’t? Post your opinion below!

3 replies on “X-Files Discussion – Blessed Saint Scully?”

  1. typical miraculous “ooh, it must be god” behaviour
    Frankly, this is the type of conclusion that gave Christianity its start.

    All it takes is for one woman, who does not have the physical ability to produce children, to suddenly become pregnant, and so begins a massive relegion. :)

    I might as well be the first to declare Scullyism.



  2. Religion
    Just to let you guys know, I posted this because it seemed appropraite on Christmas Day. I’m not pushing Christianity. (I’m an athiest.)

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