Movie Discussion – “Twilight: Eclipse”

Although preliminary reviews are saying this is the first film in the series that may appeal to people who aren’t already fans of the series, none of the Bureau 42 authors have plans to see it at this time. If our readers want to discuss it, use the space below.

5 replies on “Movie Discussion – “Twilight: Eclipse””

  1. Unless it involves Buffy coming along and staking the whole lot of ’em, I’ll pass.

  2. I’ll end up watching it when it’s out on disc, just like the other two. Honestly, there’s a decent story in there, somewhere, if it weren’t for the main characters, plot, and the fact that they keep insisting that it’s about vampires; there are no vampires.

    I can’t speak for the books. I read a short excerpt and threw up a little, so I don’t think I’d survive the reading.

  3. Ugggh. I saw this last night at a drive-in, as the kids wanted to go and they needed a driver. It was ridiculously boring. No real tension for 90% of the film, then a couple short fight scenes. The only attempt at tension for most of the film is romantic tension, and even that fails when everyone in the country knows she’s going to pick the vampire. I did not read the books, but I’m told by someone who did that the fights scenes in the books were better, which figures. The only useful and possibly entertaining part of the books, and the skimp on them for the movie…

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