Weekly Digital Disc Picks – July 20, 2010

Another lackluster week. This happens in July; studios try to avoid releasing titles that might distract from their big screen output. Things will start to pick up in mid-August, and then we get some excellent content in the weeks from September 7 until late December.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Evil Aliens Blu-Ray
The Losers DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: Based on the comic of the same name.
Ninja’s Creed DVD
Blaine: This is the first I’ve heard of it, but it stars Pat Morita, Eric Roberts and “WWE Diva Gail Kim.”
Air: The Movie – SAVE Edition DVD
Bleach Volume 30 DVD
Fist of the North Star – Legend of the Dark Kings DVD Blu-Ray
Alex: Re-release with a Dub.
Kurokame – Volume 2 DVD Blu-Ray
My Bride is a Mermaid: Volume 1 DVD
Rin: Daughter of Memosyne Blu-Ray
Shuffle: the Complete Series DVD Blu-Ray
Vampire Knight 1 DVD
Alex: This is sort of like True Blood meets Twilight.
Art House
Black Narcissus (Criterion Collection) DVD Blu-Ray
The Red Shoes (Criterion Collection) DVD Blu-Ray
Classics (Cult)
Forbidden World DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: A Roger Corman flick.
Galaxy of Terror DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: A Roger Corman flick.
Cop Out DVD Blu-Ray
Courage: The Cowardly Dog DVD
Look Around You: Season One DVD
Blaine: A series which spoofs the bad science educational videos of the 1970s by reproducing them today.
My Boys: Complete Second and Third Seasons DVD
Being Human: Season One DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: A BBC series about a vampire, a werewolf, and a ghost sharing an apartment/flat.
Degrassi: The Next Generation: Season Nine DVD
The Runaways DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: Entirely unrelated to the comic of the same name. It’s based on memoirs from Cherie Currie, played by Dakota Fanning, about her time in the band with Joan Jett (played by Kristen Stewart.)
Tin Man Blu-Ray
Cats and Dogs DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: Just in time for the sequel.
2001 Maniacs: Field of Screams Unrated or Rated
Matlock: Season Five DVD
Mother DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: South Korean murder mystery.
Nova: Mt. St. Helens – Back From The Dead DVD
Alex: Episode of Nova about Mt. St. Helens recent activity.
TNA Wrestling – Sacrifice 2010 DVD
WWE – Fatal Four Way 2010 DVD
Super Friends!, Season One, Volume Two DVD
Blaine: This is of the “Marvin and Wendy” era.

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “While Legend of the Dark Kings is going in my Netflix queue, I’d recommend waiting until later with your DVD purchases.” Blaine says, “I’ll be getting the Super Friends set because I’m a sucker for all superheroes, but generally speaking, the next of the high interest titles aren’t due until August. This fall is looking fantastic, particularly for Blu-Ray fans.”

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  1. My wallet is thankful there isn’t a single title on the list this week that I was interested in purchasing. The Losers will be going in my rental queue, though.

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