Pictures from San Diego Comic Con

So, I took a fair number of pictures at San Diego Comic Con, and I have them here, submitted for your approval.

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  1. Some tips…

    The thing that makes a good photographer better than an average photographer is selectivity. If you have four pictures of the same thing, choose the one that is best and delete the rest. If you have a picture that is blured, delete it. If you have a picture that is too dark, boost the exposure with software or delete it. Less is more.

    When you were photographing Stan Lee, your flash wasn’t powerful enough to reach him. In that situation you should turn off the flash to avoid illuminating the hats in front of you which will help the camera figure out the correct exposure. Holding the camera very very still and decreasing the shutter speed setting might also help. And you could try not zooming in so much: the less zoom you use, the wider the camera aperture opens and the more light gets in. But obviously that’s not feasible if you are too far away.

    That said, there are some nice pictures here.

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