Weekly Digital Disc Picks – August 10, 2010

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
An Empress and The Warriors Blu-Ray
Alex: Dragon Dynasty Release starring Jet Li and Donnie Yen
Legend of Fong Sai Yuk Blu-Ray
Alex: Dragon Dynasty Release starring Jet Li
Tai Chi Master Blu-Ray
Alex: Dragon Dynasty release starring Jet Li and Michelle Yeoh.
Triage DVD Blu-Ray
D Gray-Man – Season 1 DVD
La Corda D’Oro Primo – Passo, Collection 2 DVD
Master of Martial Hearts – The Complete Series DVD
Alex: Extremely Fanservice heavy martial-arts series.
Naruto Shippuden Vol. 12 DVD
Project Blue Earth SOS – SAVE Edition DVD
Alex: Anime series that’s an homage to American ’50s Sci-Fi films.
Art House
Crumb (Criterion Collection) DVD Blu-Ray
Louie Bluie (Criterion Collection) DVD
Date Night DVD Blu-Ray
Death at a Funeral DVD Blu-Ray
Blaine: This is a remake of the recent British version.
The Joneses DVD Blu-Ray
National Lampoon’s Vacation Blu-Ray
National Lampoon’s European Vacation Blu-Ray
What’s Up Doc? Blu-Ray
In The Shadow of the Moon Blu-Ray
Adam-12: Season Five DVD
Helen DVD Blu-Ray
Letters to God DVD Blu-Ray
Multiple Sarcasms DVD Blu-Ray
Numb3rs: The Final Season DVD
Trauma: Season One DVD
Bugs Bunny: Hare Extraordinaire DVD
Daffy Duck: Frustrated Fowl DVD
Horror High: 35th Anniversary Edition DVD
Science Fiction
Max Headroom: The Complete Series DVD
WWE Raw – The Beginning, the Best of Seasons 1 & 2 DVD

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “This week Max Headroom takes it hands down. However, the Dragon Dynasty Releases are going in my Netflix queue.” Blaine says, “I was never able to get into Max Headroom despite its great reviews. I just couldn’t see past the Coca-Cola ads. I do, however, recommend What’s Up Doc? to all fans of screwball comedy.”

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  1. Max Headroom and Titan Maximum are going in my buy queue this week. It’s been years since I’ve seen Max Headroom and Titan Maximum was entertaining in it’s spoof of Voltron-esque shows.

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