Summer School 2011.4: Assessment – Norm-Referenced Results

This week’s lesson details the types of norm-referenced reporting which are most commonly used.

4 replies on “Summer School 2011.4: Assessment – Norm-Referenced Results”

  1. TheYellowLantern says:

    Just to go with your article, there’s a very cool video at Youtube on Norm references

    • JD DeLuzio says:

      You know, his reference to being at his ideal weight if he were eleven feet tall is arguably a norm-referenced assessment.

      • That one is definitely criterion referenced. Had he been up to “the weight of the average eleven footer” it would have been norm referenced. The “ideal” weight is based on medical criteria only, regardless of trends and averages. In this case, a BMI of 22 implies a weight of 247kg, or 545lb.

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