The Web site and many users’ email (got your free email address yet?) were unavailable during most of the New Years’ weekend. If you want a geeky technical explanation, read on; if not, just trust that things have been fixed.

Geek mode ON!

As most geeks know, all domain names on the Internet don’t really exist as such — they’re just mapped to numbers (dotted quads). Works just like the phone book, only a bit faster and a lot thicker.

Well, the nameservers that had been serving DNS for the went belly-up at some point over the weekend. If I were patient enough to dig through the server logs, I could probably tell you when, more-or-less, but that’d be a waste of effort. Instead, I found more stable DNS hosting; it was easier, less stressful, and generally better all round.

As was said in “So Long, And Thanks For All The Fish”: We apologize for the inconvenience.