John Doe Discussion – October 4, 2002

It hasn’t aired here yet, but it will in a few hours. We might as well have somewhere for you to discuss it when it does air.

3 replies on “John Doe Discussion – October 4, 2002”

  1. just a short reaction
    geez, topic looked so lonely with no posts :(

    anyway this had a lot more of the sherlock-like investigating, but i think they crammed in TOO MUCH detail and knowledge into it, it felt like i was getting sandblasted with minutiae; you shouldn’t need doe’s knowledge and attention to detail yourself just to follow the show!

    and the big scary hidden corporation behind it all is just like every other bloody show like this (like x-files, just substitue corp with gov’t). as much as i like the flow and style of the show, i’m still unconvinced they can pull off explaining doe in a believable and original manner.

  2. Missed It
    I missed it. And the run-down of the ep is not on the fox site yet. Here I was all excited about this show and then I didn’t even have the forsight to set my VCR! If anyone would post a little review-ette of the show here that’d be great!

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