Be warned: some of this week’s releases are hitting on Friday to better maintain visibility during that pre-Christmas buying season.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
24 Season Eight, complete series Season Eight
The A-Team
Hard Boiled
Chow Yun-Fat stars, John Woo directs.
Hawaii Five-O: Tenth Season
Dragon Ball Z Kai – Season 1 Part 3,,
Gun X Sword: Complete Boxed Set,
A post-apocalyptic super robot series. Sort of like Trigun meets Mazinger.
Guyver: The Complete Series – Veridian Collection,
Naruto Uncut Season 4 V. 2,
Nyan Koi: Complete Collection,
Queen’s Blade Collection,
Alex: As advance warning – while this show isn’t precisely porn, it is very fanservice heavy and does contain nudity and near nudity. Be warned.
Sands of Destruction: The Complete Series – Veridian Collection,
A tie-in anime to the Nintendo DS game of the same name.
Tower of Druaga: The Complete Boxed Set,
Contains both seasons – Aegis of Uruk and Sword of Uruk.
Art House
Honeymooners Christmas Special
Classics (Cult)
Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus / Mega Piranha
Classics (Traditional)
America Lost and Found: The BBS Story
Includes Head, Five Easy Pieces, Drive, He Said, The Last Picture Show, The King of Marvin Gardens and A Safe Place, just as the Blu-Ray release did a couple of weeks ago.
The Black Pirate
Blaine: This is exactly the kind of release Kino does so well.
The General
Blaine: I’ve never heard of this company, so I don’t know how the quality of the film compares to the Kino releases, but the movie itself is fantastic.
The IT Crowd: Season Four
Leave it to Beaver: Season Five
The Other Guys Theatrical edition, Unrated edition Unrated edition, Unrated combo edition
Trailer Park Boys Say Goodnight
Double Take
A fictional documentary about Hitchcock.
Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work
Army Wives: Season Four
Harsh Times
Mother and Child
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Blaine: No, it’s NOT supposed to be “fathoms,” despite the popular misconception started by SNL. 20,000 fathoms is over 36 km, 25 km deeper than the deepest known point in any ocean. Either way, it’s one of Disney’s best classic live action flicks, even if it’s not an accurate adaptation.
Legend of the Guardians: The Owls of Ga’hoole Two disc combo edition, Three disc combo
Nanny McPhee Returns
An Ultimate Gulliver Collection
Blaine: Includes the Fleischer film, some “Beyond the Moon” movie I’ve never heard of, the 1902 Melies version, and 7 Gabby shorts that launched from the Fleischer film. Also, whoever put the article “an” in front of “ultimate” needs to learn what “ultimate” really means.
The Fishmen and their Queen
Italian Post Apocalyptic horror film.
Some friends vacationing in france are attacked by a Tentacle Monster.
Straight To Hell Returns
Alex: A Bazarre psudo-western from the director of Sid and Nancy
Limited print run release of a horror film by Polish director Andrzej Zulawski
Vampire Circus DVD/Blu-Ray Combo
An odd little horror film from Hammer Films.
The Town Combo edition
Alex: Being that this is a movie about bank robbers in Boston, I find it slightly amusing that it’s put under “Romance”. Considering some of the details of the film’s plot, I can understand why it’s here. But still…
Science Fiction
Dark Metropolis
Alex: All I was able to find out about this independant Science Fiction film is that it’s an indy Sci-Fi film.
WWE Summerslam 2010
WWE Presents the Top 50 Superstars of all time
3 Disk Set highlighting some of the WWE’s top stars.
Despicable Me Single DVD, Two disc DVD Three disc combo edition, Four disc combo edition
Gunsmoke: Season Four, Volume Two
True Grit
Alex: Coming out just in time for the remake by the Coen Brothers

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “it’s hard to go wrong with The General, but if my advice was all it took to get people to buy it, our readers would own about five copies each by now.” Alex says, “Hard Boiled is one of John Woo’s best films, and Dragon Dynasty puts out releases almost on par with the Criterion Collection. If you have a Blu-Ray player, it’s definitely worth picking up.”