We’ve just had two weeks of reruns, but yesterday new episodes of The X-Files came back on the air. Click “Read more” to see my thoughts, and then post your own.


The FBI is called in when a hysterical real estate agent is killed while in a police holding cell. It seems this expert marksman has been shooting people through exterior walls of buildings for a while, but this was the first time the target wasn’t a drug dealer.

Agents Scully and Doggett determine the victim is linked to an extermination company with three employees, Dwight, Dwight’s brother Randall, and Dwight’s girlfriend Tammy.

Through the course of the investigation, Agents Scully and Doggett learn that the legally-blind Dwight and his brother Randall have been bumping off the drug dealers, taking the drug money, and laundering it through the real estate agent.

Scully also figures out that Randall has the ability to see through walls, which is what allows him to make these incredible shots. It seems he also was romantically involved with Tammy, and he killed the real estate agent to prevent Dwight from learning that Tammy was embezzling money from the company.

Once Dwight learns of the embezzlement through Scully and Doggett’s investigations, he figures out what’s going on, and catched Tammy before she can skip town with Randall. He tries convincing Randall to kill her, but is killed himself instead. In the end of the episode, Randall is in custody, and Tammy is on the lam.

Scully’s Role

Finally, Scully is back in action as a partner instead of a glorified extra. Rather than just spouting off Mulder-esque theories, she actually took part in the investigation, tracking the location of the shooter in the hit on the real estate agent. She interrogated Randall when he was brought in for questioning after a hit on drug dealers, and she dug up the proof on embezzlement during the search of AAA-1 Surekill Exterminators.

Details aside, it’s great to finally see her back in action. Also, I must say, she’s looking mighty thin for a person who’s about seven months pregnant. This could eventually be one of the most overdue children on the air.

Thoughts on Doggett

Once again, Doggett’s broad range of experience come sinto play. He hates twins, because they never rat each other out. He tested the IR tracking equipment in the marines, so he could effectively rule out its use in the rooftop killing of the real estate agent. He did everything but run into an old friend this time around. (Maybe they’re saving that for Feb. 25.)

All that aside, he works as an FBI agent. He showed a tolerant mild amusment when Scully suggested a killer with x-ray vision, but he didn’t insult the notion as most of the show’s sceptics have in the past.

Acting, writing, etc.

The acting by the stars is as convincing as always in the Monster-of-the-week episodes. There were no extreme emotional responses required, but it was convincing nonetheless.

The guest actors all did a fine job, whether it’s acting legally blind, running scared from an authority figure, or trying to get police protection from a killer.

The writing on the episode was also up to par with the MOTW episodes. Doggett’s characterization was also ably brought forth with the comment about twins, and the investigation of the strong box. Overall, there were no moments that particularly stand out as either good or bad.


All in all, this was a typical MOTW episode. I give it 2.5 stars out of four.