Charmed Discussion – “The Eyes Have It”

The last time I saw this show, my eyes were glued to the screen. My ears and brain were punished, though. Has it improved without Shannon Doherty?

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  1. Yes, of course it has.
    quite aside from the fact that Shanon Doherty was annoyingly self-righteous as Prue, the characters in general have (thanks to good writing) been forced to grow and evolve as people both in their roles as witches and in their roles as human beings. This particular episode showed that off well, with Phoebe’s work/family conflicts that have been growing over the course of this season (since her divorce with Cole). I’m not sure about the quick and easy “no, I’m sorry, my family is more important” quip making everything okay and leading to a new and improved form of premonition, but I’m willing to give it a miss for now and wait and see if the writers continue the struggle – this time allowing her to gain some ground. Piper’s pregnancy is finally beginning to work well. She’s getting balance of her own, now that the baby is healing her (and itself). Previously, the writers had her completely paralyzed by fear and then swung the other way to completely fearless. Obviously, this show isn’t “high art”, but on the other hand, it’s not a bad hours worth of T.V.

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