Weekly Digital Disc Picks – February 15, 2011

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Game of Death Amazon.com Amazon.com
Wesley Snipes goes direct to DVD. Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
The Lady Hermit Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Shaw Brothers film about a female martial artist seeking to revenge a humiliating defeat.
Storm Warriors Amazon.com
Martial arts film based on the same Chinese comic book that the earlier “Storm Riders” was based on.
Unstoppable Amazon.com Amazon.com
Web of Death Amazon.com Amazon.com
Shaw Brothers film about an attempt to resurrect an evil sect of martial artists called the Five Poison Web. No idea about any connection to the earlier film “The Five Deadly Venoms”
Needless Collection 1 Amazon.com, rightstuf.com Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
This is a sort of post apocalyptic shonen-style action series – except it’s seinen (so it will have some more mature content).
Summer Wars Amazon.com, rightstuf.com Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
This is the most recent film by Mamoru Hosada (The Girl Who Lept Through Time), which almost got nominated for an Acadamy Award this year, but didn’t because only 12 films were submitted for nomination, instead of 13.
Classics (Traditional)
Kansas City Confidential Blu-Ray / DVD Combo edition
Last Tango in Paris Amazon.com
The Stranger Blu-Ray/DVD Combo
Big Daddy
Mr. Deeds Amazon.com
National Lampoon’s Dirty Movie Amazon.com
Blaine: Is that title supposed to somehow distinguish it from every movie they’ve made without Chevy Chase?
The Rich Little Show: Complete Series Amazon.com
Spin City: Volume Four Amazon.com
Waiting for “Superman” Amazon.com Amazon.com
Blaine: A documentary on the state of the U.S. public education system. I doubt Canada’s is much different; this is definitely on my “must see” list.
All The President’s Men Amazon.com
Around the World in 80 Days Amazon.com
This is the 1989 Pierce Brosnan / Eric Idle miniseries
Chaplin 15th Anniversary Blu-Ray
Network Amazon.com
Rain Man Amazon.com
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Complete First Season, Volume 1 (20 episodes). Volume 2 (20 episodes)
The series ran two seasons, with 65 episodes each.
Hoodwinked DVD/Blu-Ray Combo pack
Paddington Bear Complete Series, Marmalade Madness (half series)
Dungeons and Dragons 2 Movie Collection Amazon.com
Includes the theatrical version with Jeremy Irons, as well as Dungeons and Dragons: Wrath of the Dragon God
Jason and the Argonauts / Merlin Amazon.com
Another late 1990s miniseries two pack. Stars include Jason London, Sam Neill, Dennis Hopper, Frank Langella and Natasha Henstridge
Music / Musical
The Best of Soul Train Amazon.com
This is a 9 DVD set.
I Spy: Complete Series Bundle Amazon.com
All three seasons
Top Gear: Complete Season 14 Amazon.com Amazon.com
Top Gear: Complete Season 15 Amazon.com Amazon.com
Moonstruck Amazon.com
You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger Amazon.com Amazon.com
Science Fiction
Doctor Who: A Christmas Carol Amazon.com Amazon.com
BBC Warner has announced this will also be on the upcoming season six set, although with fewer bonus features.
Twilight Zone: Season Three Amazon.com
WWE: The John Cena Experience Amazon.com
Psudo-documentary following John Cena as he does promotional stuff for the WWE.
The Fugitive: The Fourth and Final Season, Volume 2 Amazon.com
Murphy’s Law: Series Three Amazon.com

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “I’m going with one of my favorite journalist movies – All The President’s Men. The movie was an absolutely fantastic piece of filmaking, based on an excellent piece of journalism.” Blaine says, “I haven’t seen a lot from this week, and don’t want to recommend the Doctor Who special outside the full season set, so I’m going to take a pass. Must see titles for me includes All The President’s Men and Waiting for “Superman”, though.”