The Who stories you picked

Last week, I asked people to help a new Whovian pick out the episodes of the classic series to watch. Well, you did. The summary of the responses is below.

Favorite William Hartnell story

This one was a tie between the first two stories. 32% of respondants had no opinion, with “An Unearthly Child” and “The Daleks” coming in at 15% each. Both of those, and the third story (“The Edge of Destruction”) are available on DVD in The Beginning collection. Neither is available on (I don’t know about the US arm; those with access are welcome and encouraged to post updates below.)

Favorite Patrick Troughton story

35% had no opinion, but the next highest score was “Tomb of the Cybermen” at 24%, double that of the second place story (“Seeds of Death.”) Both of those stories are available both on DVD (Tomb, Seeds) and through Netflix.

Favorite Jon Pertwee story

24% had no opinion. After that, there was a four way tie: Spearhead from Space (also on Netflix), Curse of the Peladon, The Three Doctors (also on Netflix), and Carnival of Monsters (on Netflix).

Favorite Tom Baker story

Tom Baker had the second lowest percentage of “No Opinion” votes with 12%, which I interpret as having made the most lasting impression, and being the Doctor fans are most likely to be familiar with. The clear winner in this category was “Genesis of the Daleks” at 26% of the votes, which is available on DVD but not on “City of Death” was a respectable second place with 15%, which doesn’t surprise me given that it seems to be written by Douglas Adams and guest stars John Cleese. It is available on DVD and on

Favorite Peter Davison story

21% of respondants had no opinion, while 26% chose “The Five Doctors” as the clear winner. This is available on DVD, but not on The second place winner, “Caves of Andronzani,” (12%) is available on both DVD and

Favorite Colin Baker story

At 38%, this had the highest “No Opinion” score. The top scoring story was “The Mark of the Rani” with 24% of the vote. That is available on DVD as is the second place story (The Two Doctors), although neither are available on In fact, the only Colin Baker story on is “Vengeance on Varos,” which managed a mere 3% of the vote, and is also available on DVD.

Favorite Sylvester McCoy story

29% of respondants had no opinion, while 24% chose “Remembrance of the Daleks,” which is available on DVD but not Netflix does have the second highest voted story (18%), The Curse of Fenric.

Favorite Paul McGann story

This was a landslide. 100% of the respondants selected The Movie as their favorite Paul McGann story. This may be a result of the fact that it’s the only appearance of McGann as the Doctor.

Favorite Doctor

This was a legitimate landslide. Tom Baker received 56% of the votes. Jon Pertwee came in second place, with a mere 18%.

Thank You

I’d like to thank all respondants. My next visit to Whoville will be with “The Daleks,” as I picked up the DVD, which I’ll then follow with “City of Death” via Netflix starring the man who appears to be the favorite Doctor.

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