Red Dwarf Co-creator Interviewed

Anonymous Coward writes, Doug Naylor the co-creator and writer of the cult BBC sci-fi series Red Dwarf is interviewed on In it he mentions the 11 million pound Red Dwarf movie that is currently in production and suggests the possibility of a new TV series of Red Dwarf. I know where I’ll be eating if I ever get to Japan.

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  1. US DVD Release
    What is with the US DVD release being “a few months” after the Brit and Aussie releases? I’ve been waiting on the Dwarf DVDs forEVER! I want Series I for Christmas! It’s not easy for someone like me who had the wrong parents . . .

    My tapes (and I have all of them, including the outtake tapes) are getting so worn as to start to be unwatchable. Especially compared to my Monty Python DVDs.

    Oh well, guess I’ll ask for Blackadder for Christmas instead.

    • Re: US DVD Release
      Now you know how we Brits feel, always being “a few months” behind you for films and television programmes! =)

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