4 replies on “Charmed Discussion – “Enter The Demon””

  1. lost says:

    Rerun time…
    Seems to me that asking whether you should watch it is rather redundant given that it’s a rerun from last season. In fact, it was from right near the start of last season. Although it does have some rather amusing moments.

  2. Daemonik says:

    Embrace of the Vampire?
    More like “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Demon”

  3. y42 says:

    Its already rerun season? Jeez, some series haven’t even started
    yet! *coughsimpsonscough*

  4. hitch says:

    there’s a reason
    it was on a night when MOST shows were reruns. though I find it odd that odd niche shows like this wouldn’t use that as a night to try to gain new viewers. you know, “if you don’t feel like watching football, watch an all new, super duper CHARMED!!”
    ah well.

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