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  1. Predictable, but that’s not the point
    I had this episode partially figured out at the beginning. Am I a Doe? It seemed that the writers wanted you to see John go from “just facts” to “having faith”. I don’t know that they accomplished this because in the very beginning he has faith enough in the guard not to suspect suicide.

    One point that was not missed was that John went from non-emotional to having some emotion at the end. His art staring was very effective in this transition.

    Some symbolism that I missed in the beginning would have been more powerful had it been shown more clearly and that was the statue of the grim reaper that the guard hid behind to shoot herself.

    Not a bad episode, nothing earth shattering here though. Worth a watch, maybe not a rerun. This kinda sounds like a review, if I didn’t go out on Fridays occassionally I might have been up for that reviewing gig on this show for b42. (But thanks again for posting the discussion)

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