Much larger selection of movies this week, including a few horror films with fun titles.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Born To Raise Hell
Alex: The latest direct-to-video Steven Segal film.
Alex: Live action film from the director of Casshern about Japan’s Robin Hood figure, Ishikawa Goemon.
Ip Man 2: Legend of the Grandmaster Regular, Collector’s Edition Regular, Collector’s Edition
Alex: Near as I can tell, the Collector’s Edition just has a few extra bonus features.
The Last Legion
Mortal Kombat
Blaine: The original in this series was the first good (though certainly not great) video game adaptation. There’s no pretense here, nor did they go the Street Fighter route and jam every character into the story for the sake of jamming them in. Instead, they laid just enough groundwork to let us know that there was a fighting tournament with high stakes going on, who we should root for, and who we want to lose. This was followed by much tournament fighting. Not even remotely close to Shakespeare, but it respected the source material while providing a decent entry in the “brainless action fun” genre.
Mortal Kombat: Annihilation
Blaine: Those kind words I had for the original Mortal Kombat movie? None of them apply to any of the sequels.
Princess Blade,
Alex: Ninja film with fight choreography by Donnie Yen (star of Ip Man).
Clannad: After Story Complete Collection,
Claymore: The Complete Series,
Darker Than Black – The Complete Season 1,
Art House
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
The Ernie Kovacs Collection
Kes (Criterion Collection)
Blaine: To the best of my knowledge, this British classic is entirely unrelated to the Voyager character.
Sweetie (Criterion Collection)
American Dad, Vol. 6
Fresh Prince of Bel-Air: Season Six
Blaine: This was an after school staple for me growing up.
Gulliver’s Travels Blu-Ray, 3D Blu-Ray
Alex: This is the most recent film starring Jack Black.
Ingrid Bergman: 3-Film Collection
Includes “Intermezzo,” “A Woman’s Face” and “June Night”
The King’s Speech
The Rabbit Hole
The Way Back
Captain Planet and the Planeteers: Season One
Blaine: Want a Saturday morning cartoon that proves voice acting and live action acting are two different skill sets? This is it.
Sharpay’s Fabulous Adventure
Shaun the Sheep: The Big Chase
Aquarian Age: Juvenile Orion,
Alex: Live action film adapting a spin-off manga from the Aquarian Age anime series.
Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies
Blaine: I assume it’s horrible, but couldn’t resist mentioning the movie due to the title.
From Dusk Till Dawn series
The three movies in the series, plus “Full-Tilt Boogie.”
Miramax Hellraiser Series
Includes Hellraiser 3-6.
Tokyo Gore Police,
Alex: For the same reason Blaine mentioned Bloodsucking Nazi Zombies, I’m mentioning this.
Worst Horror Movie Ever Made
Blaine: I love bad movies, but not this one. The fun of bad movies is watching the result of complete and utter incompetence. That’s not what this is. This is intentionally bad film by people who could clearly do better. Furthermore, much of it isn’t even horror. It starts out spoofing horror flicks, but rapidly degenerates into a parade of the most offensive content the creators could come up with, whether it could possibly be considered scary or not.
Music / Musical
Glee: Encore
Alex: This is just a collection of the musical performances from Glee.
Wishful Thinking
Starring Drew Barrymore, Jennifer Beals and Jon Stewart
Science Fiction
Short Circuit 2
TNA Wrestling presents: Mick Foley – Hardcore Legend
Alex: DVD covering the first part of Mick Foley’s run in TNA wrestling.
Lone Ranger Double Feature
Blaine: This appears to be the pair of Clayton Moore movies (“The Lone Ranger” and “The Lone Ranger and the Lost City of Gold”) made in 1956 and 1959 respectively, following the TV series with the same star.
The Lone Ranger Compilation
10 episodes of the TV series. Back in elementary school, I’d watch this and the original Star Trek back to back on Saturday mornings, after Robotech and before the other cartoons.

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “nothing jumps out at me this week, though that could be because I haven’t seen The King’s Speech yet.” Alex says, “I’ve seen a bit of Claymore and Darker Than Black‘s first season, and I liked the both of them. Also, Ip Man 2 and Goemon are going into my Netflix Queue.”