John Doe Discussion – “Idaho”

Well, we got something that might (or might not) be ‘answers.’ Even though they’re mostly teasing us, have they given too much away too early?

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  1. Yes, I’m commenting my own story. :-)
    Unfortunately, I can’t do a complete review and synopsis, but the last scene was, um, interesting.

    "Let’s give them 56 minutes of something that just might be truth, then yank it all away at the very end! And in sign language, no less!"

  2. Potential
    Just when you think this show was becoming formulaeic they throw the Deaf Illuminati into the mix.

    I’m not saying JD will be as engrossing as the X-Files was, but it’s going in the right directions. Bold of them to kill off the old woman, I was all set for her to become the ‘Smoking Chick’.

  3. Doe Should be Losing Sleep
    I like the old lady dying. It was nice to see that they aren’t afraid to kill off a what seems to be a key plot character.

    Unless Doe is completely exhausted from his search through potato land I’d expect him to continue to investigate the two murders. The cops think they’ve found the killer, but Doe knows better right? Seems he’d be hell-bent on tracking down the old woman. Oh, but she’s going to turn up dead as soon as someone finds her in the park and Doe’s never seen her killer. So maybe to keep Doe from going further they whacked her. I bet they whacked the Baker folks too… or will they come back later on? If they don’t they should be dead because obviously they know too much.

    I think the main intent of this episode was to give us a taste of John’s opponent. They seem to be a reasonably powerfull group but not the clean perfection that we are accustomed to from shows like the Xfiles. Showing a bit of panick with the ‘ABORT!!!’ command displayed their imperfection. Just that gave me the feeling that John had won the round and could win the bout given enough time.

    I thought the muffin thing was a little too easy. It was the last item that interacted between the Bakers and John, seemed a little too obvious. But within the story it was necessary I suppose to have John drive away and come back. Having store bought muffins worked as opposed to showing the audience the inside of John’s head as he has the revelation that “oh, that horse was too easy to break” or “oh, the tombstones on my parents’ graves weren’t being produced until 2/2002” or something like that.

    I liked the episode for what it revealed about John’s opponents. We know they kill, we know they are fallable, we know they are reasonably powerful. There’s a lot we don’t know, but that will keep me interested in the arc.

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