NBC fall schedule revealed

NBC has announced their fall schedule. Notable entries include bittersweet news for Chuck: though renewed for a fifth season, this is definitely the final season, and has only thirteen episodes. (I checked out the first episode in March, and am now completely up to date. I’ve really been enjoying it.) Chuck also moves to Fridays, as a lead-in for new genre series Grimm, about a man who realizes he can see the supernatural, and has inherited the task of hunting it. Awake is another genre entry, about a man who awakens after a car accident and oscillates between two different realities, and serves as an unscheduled mid-season replacement.

3 replies on “NBC fall schedule revealed”

  1. Awww, I’m sorry to see Chuck go :(. However it is one show with actual character development, and thus character arcs need a conclusion and I think we’re almost there with Chuck.

  2. Yeah if they know this is the end and they can tie up story lines and come to a nice conclusion, that will be a great thing for the show.

    They have a good track record of shaking things up every season and keeping things interesting. I’m glad they’re getting the chance to end on a high note.

  3. Just watched the finale of Chuck and what I said earlier is definitely still true. They have kept their tradition of shaking things up going strong. The 13 eps we get next season will certainly be a wild ride.

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