Another really poor week this week, though there are a few small gems in there.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
The Big Bang
Alex: It’s nice to see Antonio Bandaras still doing action movies, even if they are direct to video… he didn’t have the same accountant as Nick Cage, did he?
Air Gear: SAVE Edition,
Samurai Champloo: The Complete Series,,
Alex: Anachronistic adventuring samurai plus a killer soundtrack for the win.
Shin Koihime Muso: Otome Tairan,
Alex: Season 3 of Koihime Muso
Soul Eater: The Meister Collection,,
Alex: Contains the first half of the series.
Art House
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
The Great Dictator (Criterion Collection)
Kids in the Hall Season One, Season Two, Season Three, Season Four, Season Five, Complete Series Megaset and Death Comes To Town
Blaine: A&E has released these before. The original complete series megaset was 20 discs, but this one is 22, which I interpret as confirmation that “Death Comes To Town” is now included. I have no idea if “Brain Candy” is included.
Melissa and Joey: Season One, Part One
Brad Meltzer’s Decoded: Season One
The Royal Wedding: William and Catherine
William and Kate: Planning a Royal Wedding
Childrens Hospital: Complete First and Second Seasons
Grand Prix
Gnomeo and Juliet DVD Blu-Ray 3D/Blu-Ray/DVD, Blu-Ray/DVD combo
Lemonade Mouth
Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Mickey’s Great Outdoors
Transformers: The Complete Series
Music / Musical
Science Fiction
I Am Number Four DVD Blu-Ray only, Blu-Ray/DVD combo
Solaris (1972) (Criterion Collection)
Blaine: I’ve got the original Criterion DVD release, but haven’t watched it yet.
Gettysburg: Director’s Cut
Alex: A fairly decent adaptation of Michael Sharra’s novel The Killer Angels. This verison adds a few scenes to add context to some of the stuff from the battle that wasn’t explained in the earlier releases (like why there were Confederate troops advancing into Gettysberg when Lee had ordered them not to press an engagement in the first place, and so forth).
Gods and Generals: Extended Director’s Cut
Alex: An adaptation of Michael Sharra’s son Jeff’s prequel to The Killer Angels, which adds some sequences which made some of the battles less rushed and some additional character development for some of the historical figures from the film (like Stonewall Jackson).
Platoon Blu-Ray/DVD combo

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “I was pleasantly surprised by Gnomeo and Juliet, but it’s not a terribly strong recommendation. It may be worth holding out for the Kubrick products next week.” Alex says, “If you’re going to get anything this week, I’d reccomend Samurai Champloo, as it’s one of those series (like Cowboy Bebop), that everyone should watch at least once (and probably own). Other than that, Criterion Collection + The Great Dictator = Win.”