Weekly Digital Disc Picks – July 26, 2011

Further evidence of economic recover: a full 47 of 307 releases listed on Amazon.com this week will not be mentioned on our family friendly website.

Title DVD Release(s) Blu-Ray Release(s)
Bodyguards and Assassins Amazon.com
New semi-wuxia film starring Donnie Yen
Burn Notice: The Fall of Sam Axe Amazon.com Amazon.com
Dante’s Peak Amazon.com
Ironclad Amazon.com
King of Fighters Amazon.com Amazon.com
Based on the long-running fighting game series.
Soldier Amazon.com
Angel Beats! Complete Collection Amazon.com, rightstuf.com Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Alex: Anime series that kind of envisions Purgatory as being like a Japanese RPG.
Fist of the North Star – The Complete Series Vol. 3 Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Contains the final third of the series.
Kanokon OVA Collection Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Alex: The fact that there’s fanservice on the very cover of the box should tell you everything you need to know.
One Piece Collection 1 Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Contains Season 1 of One Piece in its entirety
Peach Girl: The Complete Series (SAVE Edition) Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
High School romantic comedy series.
Sgt. Frog – Season 3, Pt. 1 Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Shin-Chan – Season 3, Pt. 1 Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Strike Witches – The Complete First Season Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Supernatural: The Anime Series Amazon.com, rightstuf.com Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Adapts the first two seasons of the live action show in a compacted format.
Vampire Knight Guilty 3 Amazon.com, rightstuf.com
Art House
High and Low: Criterion Collection Amazon.com
Leon Morin, Priest: Criterion Collection Amazon.com Amazon.com
Life During Wartime: Criterion Collection Amazon.com Amazon.com
Animal House Amazon.com
Blues Brothers Amazon.com
They’re on a mission from God.
The General Amazon.com
Blaine: This fantastic movie is now public domain. I cannot comment on the quality of the transfer in this version, but I love the Kino Blu-Ray edition.
Alice: The Complete First Season Amazon.com
Jersey Shore: Season Three Amazon.com
Trust Amazon.com Amazon.com
Dennis the Menace: Season Two Amazon.com
Herculoids: Complete Series Amazon.com
Jetsons Meet the Flintstones Amazon.com
Shaun the Sheep: Animal Antics Amazon.com
Conan: The Adventurer Season One Amazon.com
Dylan Dog Amazon.com Amazon.com
McMillan and Wife Season Four, Season Five
Science Fiction
Donnie Darko Amazon.com
Red Planet Amazon.com
S. Darko: A Donnie Darko Tale Amazon.com
Sci-Fi Invasion: 50 Movie Set Amazon.com
Source Code Amazon.com Amazon.com
WWE Presents Greatest Stars of the New Millennium Amazon.com Amazon.com
Justice League: Season Two Amazon.com
Cowboys and Bandits – 50 Movie Set Amazon.com
Blaine: To the best of my knowledge, this 50 movie set does not contain aliens.

Finally, the picks of the week. Blaine says, “of the titles I’ve actually seen, I’d say The General if it’s a decent transfer, or Justice League otherwise. Of course, if my word is all it takes to sell you on The General, anyone who has been reading this column for more than a year already has a copy. Of those I haven’t seen, Supernatural: The Anime Series and Donnie Darko are the most tempting. The original Darko has been sitting in my collection unwatched far too long already.” Alex says, “This week I’m going with the Blu-Ray release of The Blues Brothers, though I’ll be giving King of Fighters and Bodyguards and Assassins a shot. KoF will probably stink, but Bodyguards and Assassins should make up for it.”

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  1. Donnie Darko must be a re-release, as I already have it on Blu-Ray. It was on sale for $5 when I got it. Avoid S.Darko like the plague! it is bad, bad, bad, and not even so bad it’s fun to watch bad. I’d like that time back, but alas, it’s gone for good.

    If you’re a Bruce Campbell and Burn Notice fan, and you didn’t catch The Fall of Sam Axe on TV, it’s worth a rental at least.

    I’ll probably rent Source Code even though I think the name is ridiculous given the premise.

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