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Happy 40th Birthday, Ultima!

I’ve been a gamer since the days of Impossible Mission, Druid, Ghostbusters, Winter Games, and others on my Commodore 64. The Winter/Summer/California Games series was the first franchise I fell in love with, but there was one franchise that made me fall in love with an entire genre. That franchise turns 40 this year. We don’t know the exact date that first game came out, so we’re talking about it on January 1.

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Video Game Review – “Doctor Who: Legacy”

I know I promised that Final Fantasy: Tactics would be the subject of the next review. I don’t review games until I’ve played through them with a high level of completion, preferably 100%, and I am downright terrible at Final Fantasy: Tactics. Instead, with the release of Doctor Who: Infinity, I’ve gone back and played through the best “match 3” game I’ve ever played.

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Next 7 video game reviews chosen

Last week, I asked for input about which game I should play to review next. The results are in: the next game is the original Dragon Quest in its mobile incarnation, originally released in North America as Dragon Warrior. Details on the voting methodologies and the next six games in sequence follows for those who are interested. All options listed were mobile games of the JRPG variety.

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