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Babylon 5 Geek Test at Bureau 42

The development of Bureau 42’s Geek Test continues. This time around, site founder Dave created 20 questions to challenge and norm our readers. You can take the test at Please do the test once only, and give it your best effort. Come back next week for a similar test for Star Trek: The Original Series. Feel free to share the link! We’ll need a lot more respondents this time around; Part A had 32 possible response patterns, while this part has 1048576, and we need to see the way those patterns appear when people are trying their hardest.

Babylon 5 Script book collection – register for volume 15 now

It’s been some time since we reported on the Babylon 5 Scripts of J. Michael Straczynski releases, primarily because we haven’t developed review criteria for scripts yet. The rundown: JMS is releasing every Babylon 5 script he ever wrote (which is the overwhelming majority of the series) in volumes loaded with commentary, behind the scenes information, and general information for fans and other writers. The fifteenth and final volume is completely free, including shipping to those who have ordered the first 14. It was recently announced (by way of a note packaged with volume 13) that you’ll need to register for your copy of volume 15 BEFORE picking up volume 14; the last two volumes will ship together. (You can still get it after ordering volume 14, if you’re fast enough.) Details are here.

Saturday Movie Review – “Babylon 5: The Legend of the Rangers”

When I got to my hotel room last night, I realized that I’d forgotten to pack a network cable along with the laptop. Thus, today’s articles are getting posted from my work computer. Today is expected to be a busy day, so the “Smallville” review may not appear until very late in the day. (If the review looks funny, that’s because my templates aren’t on the work computer.) In the meantime, here’s the Saturday review, which will finish off all existing live action Babylon 5 for review. Come back in July or August for more, assuming JMS’ call to jury duty doesn’t slow things down too much. (At least we can rest assured of a fair trial, though. Man, would I love to be in that jury deliberation room…)
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New Babylon 5 coming

Last week, the Babylon 5 Script Team sent out e-mails to those of us on the script book announcement list, letting us know that volume nine will be delayed until September because JMS is too busy making new B5 material to get the volume together. Those who missed our original articles about the script books should head over to this page and dig into the goodness. (I’m trying to develop a script rubric of some form just to rave about these books.) Those who want to read the note JMS wrote for last week’s email can find it in the extended article body below.
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