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H.R. Giger dead at 74

Renowned artist and creator of one of the most iconic science fiction monsters of all time, H.R. Giger has passed away at age 74.

The Swiss artist created horrific, biomechanical art for musicians and other media but came to global fame with his designs for 1979’s Alien for which he was awarded an Oscar.

I think we can all attribute at least one restless night of sleep to his creations.

Weekend (Video) Review – Prometheus

This week we’re taking a look at the prequel to Alien, written by the creator of Lost, and the Director of the film that started it all, Ridley Scott. The question is, is he bringing his Alien/Blade Runner A-Game, or does this venture into the territory of Robin Hood.

Edit: I have now included a text review. By popular demand, I will be providing no further video content to Bureau42.com.

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