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Homophones (Mini #42)

Are you using the right word? In our text-heavy world, it’s easy to use the wrong version of a homophone. What are homophones? Homophones are words that sound the same but are spelled differently. Like to, too, and two.

How this works is I’ll give you the clue and you just give me the homophone. I won’t make you spell it. If you’re curious about the spelling, you can see the show’s transcript on

Dr. Seuss Books (Mini #41)

You don’t have to go to Bolivia, to find a podcast with some trivia.

Based on listener suggestions, I have got ten simple questions.

You won’t need a prof or a proctor, for trivia Seuss comma Doctor.

We have our path charted. So, let’s now get started. And have fun that’s good-hearted.