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Record of Lodoss War Rescued By Media Blasters

I’ve previously reviewed Record of Lodoss War, and, since the demise of Central Park Media I’ve called for someone to re-licence it. Finally, at last, my prayers have been answered. Central Park Media News was first to report (with articles from Anime News Network coming later) that at long last, Record of Lodoss War has been saved from Limbo by Media Blasters. Not only has the OVA series that I’ve previously reviewed been licensed, but the follow-up television series which hews a little closer to the books has been rescued as well.

Now the only title on my list of old CPM licences that needs rescuing is the Patlabor OVAs and TV series. My fingers are crossed…

Four Central Park Media Titles Rescued

Well, the first four of Central Park Media’s prior titles have been saved from near oblivion. AnimeVice reports that ADV has grabbed the licenses for Grave of the Fireflies, Now and Then Here and There, World of Narue, and MD Geist (the main character of MD Geist was the “mascot” for CPM’s “US Manga Corps” line. The status of  other series such as Dominion Tank Police, Patlabor, Armored Trooper Votoms, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Project A-Ko, and Record of Lodoss War are still up in the air. Continue reading →

Central Park Media files for Bankruptcy

Anime News Network reports that Central Park Media, licensors of Mobile Police Patlabor, Grave of the Fireflies, Record of Lodoss War, Project A-Ko, Armored Trooper Votoms, and many other shows and films has filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Unlike Chapter 11 and 13 bankruptcy – Chapter 7 means that all of CPM/US Manga Corps assets will be liquidated, including their entire back catalog of licences that they still hold.

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