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Video Game Review – Brutal Legend

I’ve got another video game review for you, and one for a game that’s actually rather current (having been released just over a week ago). The game is Brutal Legend, and it’s the latest game from Tim Schafer, who put out Psychonauts. I’ve previously covered news articles about the game’s trials and tribulations in coming to market. The question is, was it worth the wait? Continue reading →

DoubleFine Counter-Sues Activision Over Brutal Legend

We previously covered (and commented on) Activision’s lawsuit against DoubleFine Productions and EA to block the release of their game Brutal Legend, which Activision dropped when they bought out Vivendi. Well, Gamasutra is reporting that DoubleFine is striking back with a counter-suit, saying that Activision is (among other things) trying to kill the project to protect the Guitar Hero franchise (an argument that bears some merit – EA is the publisher of Rock Band – and Brutal Legend has the likenesses of Ozzy Osborne & Lemmy Kilmeister, who also appear in Guitar Hero: World Tour & Guitar Hero: Metallica, respectively.) So, the mess surrounding Brutal Legend is far from over, but will hopefully get resolved sooner rather than later. *Knocks on wood.*