Fan-made ST episode available for download

Anonymous Coward writes, While checking out /. I came across this article. I haven’t seen it yet (still downloading), but it sounds like it might be fun. Enjoy it before Paramount’s lawyers do.

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  1. An amateur production – with all that entails
    I’ve finally downloaded and watched the whole thing. It’s pretty much what it claims to be — a fan-made amateur production.

    This is both a Good Thing and a Bad Thing.

    Good things: These people obviously enjoyed putting this together. Ludicrous attention to little details here and there. Made by fans, and it shows.

    Bad things: The folks that made it cast themselves. Most of ’em cannot act. The script could’ve used the loving touch of a good editor, as it seemed way too heavy and contrived in places (the Commodore’s speech in the teaser just screams "exposition").

    Overall, though, not bad at all. If you’ve got broadband, it’ll only take like a half-hour to download all five QuickTime parts (and they work just swell in CrossOver, you Linux people). Not sure it’d be worth it for someone on a modem, though — the payoff isn’t quite there yet.

  2. pretty goofy
    I FINALLY have all 5 files and have seen this thing. The whole thing is very impressive for a fan film and I found that one of the things they did well was the cheesiness. this is the most cheesy thing I’ve seen, the plot is pathetic and acting is average. These things make it just like the original show.
    It was pretty fun to watch. The klingon makeup could have been better…

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