UPDATED: Marvel gearing up for a big year

Marvel has sent out two odd press releases recently. The first odd release was designed to make it look like the titles of the five new comics coming in April were accidentally leaked, although the fact that it was an intentional leak was somewhat obvious. (The “e-mails” that were “accidentally” quoted had some inconsistent header information.) None of these titles were 1602 (Neil Gaiman’s project) or Squadron Supreme (JMS’s MAX line title) though. Now Marvel has just released a teaser image about a character named Gus Beezer. The image is visible below, although further details will be withheld for another week or two. UPDATE: Marvel sent out another release with another image, also below. The titles of comics I mentioned earlier are Runaways, Thug,
Crew, Quest, and Infinity.

Here’s the image:

Here’s a later image from a different press release. This one looks better, IMO.