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Graphic Novel Review: Paper Girls: The Complete Story

The Eisner-award-winning, fan-lauded comic series finally came to its definitive conclusion and a complete, full-colour collection, clocking in a 800 or so pages, became available in October of last year. This year, Amazon will present the first season of its TV adaptation. We offer it as a special New Year’s review.

In 1988, a group of 12-year-old bike-riding paper carriers in a small-town-seeming suburb of Cleveland encounter an SF mystery that will send them careening through time and space.

Note: Paper Girls started publication a year before anyone heard of Stranger Things.

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Disney Investor Day 2020 Announcements and Discussion

While I am not thrilled that a huge mega-corporation like Disney is announcing all of the news I am interested in as a way to reassure their benefactors that they will be making lots of money, I have chosen to view this as a wealthy patron of the arts talking about where they have spread their wealth rather than a greedy factory foreman talking about the products that they are churning out.  That said, if you are a fan of the Disney owned properties like Marvel and Star Wars, there was a lot of announcements, and here is a list of what you can anticipate for the next few years, not just the previously covered Fantastic news.  I hadn’t found a nice, easy to read list, so I figured I’d compile one, and throw in my own commentary.  Also, there’s a 90 second clip of Wonder Woman’s directory Patty Jenkins announcing one of the projects that I felt was best enjoyed without a setup, so watch that before reading more.  Please feel free to comment and add any more details, refute my statements, and/or join in my speculations.

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Bureau’s Breakroom’s Television Table – Week beginning 2020 November 15

The first thing in this list that jumped out at me was the fact that I can’t see a listing anywhere for the third episode of this season’s Blacklist, and this week’s is labeled as “Conclusion,” but a bit of web research is inconclusive but seems to indicate they are referring to the fact that it’s season seven’s conclusion, pushed to this season.  Going in reverse order this week, we also get Marvel’s 616, a series that examine the characters in-universe.  The two best genre shows currently on television, possibly the two best shows on television at all, also appear.  The Mandalorian doesn’t give us a description, and some of the crew of Discovery are going to meet with Book.  Reinforcements show up to deal with the pandemic on The Good Doctor.  In His Dark Materials, Lyra crosses into the show’s version of our real world.

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