Star Trek Back on the (Really) Big Screen

Didn’t catch it when it came out in 2009 or just itching to see it again? Fear not, the most recent Star Trek film is being run on AMC IMAX theaters around the US (not sure about other countries).

Check out AMC’s Site to find an IMAX near you.

Going to try and go this weekend with my son (who didn’t get to see it on the big screen) and I didn’t get to see it on IMAX.


6 replies on “Star Trek Back on the (Really) Big Screen”

  1. Bah, those IMAX screens aren’t the “really big screens”. All of the commercial theater IMAX screens I’ve seen are barely bigger than the regular screens they’ve got in the same building. In fact, I’ve seen some IMAX screens that were smaller (though still better quality) than the regular screens at other theaters.

    Though I did see Star Trek on a true IMAX screen – a 75’x53′ monster – at a local museum that shows commercial movies a few times a week after hours. Big enough that you could get motion sickness from the orbital insertion scene if you were prone to such things.

    If your local IMAX screen is a true big screen, it’s definitely worth it. Even if it isn’t, for $7 it might be worth it anyways!

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