Fringe Discussion: “Alone in the World”

Fringe does its take on the lonely child whose imaginary friend really exists. The real focus remains on Walter, who grows less sane with each week.

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  1. The premise seems quite familiar on this one, but I can’t recall where I’d seen it before. For some reason I’m thinking Stargate SG-1.

    I like how the bits with Peter are progressing, especially with respect to what the observers did or did not do at various points in time.

  2. The general premise has been used many times (though in very different ways). Ray Bradbury’s “Zero Hour” is the earliest take I’ve read/watched– again, with a very different imaginary friend. In the broadest sense, it includes Drop Dead Fred, Trek TOS’s “And the Children Shall Lead,” and there’s a little in common with how Let the Right One In handles the vampire.

  3. Well I was referring less to the “imaginary friend” and more to the “fungus with a brain that has bonded with a human” part. :-)

    • I think the SG-1 episode I may be thinking of is Entity, but that was a computer. I could swear another sci-fi show had done this with a fungus before… but the closest thing a search turns up was an SG-U episode about a killer fungus, and that wasn’t it.

  4. Did he stick that thing into his brain?!?!?

    I’ve been so annoyed but I’m glad that Walter knows that he isn’t the only one seeing Peter.

    The Timey Wimey-ness reminds me of some old Doctor Who episodes.. ;)

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