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Star Trek Strange New Worlds Review: “Ghosts of Illyeria”

This week features a more-or-less standalone episode that draws on Trek lore. Pike and Spock try to unravel the mysteries of the Ontario Place pods an abandoned alien colony, while the rest of the Away Team returns carrying a strange illness. Curiously, it does not affect Number One– a character Roddenberry intended to be mysterious.

What secrets will we uncover?

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Novel Review: Sea of Tranquility

No star burns forever.

Emily St. John Mandel has always played with genre. The post-apocalyptic Station Eleven won accolades in both literary and SF circles, while Glass Hotel, a novel about a Ponzi Scheme, brushed against the edges of SF and Fantasy.

Some of Glass Hotel‘s characters reappear in her most recent novel, while the ghosts of Station Eleven haunt the book. It’s a time-travel story, set in pasts, presents, and futures.

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