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Novel Review: Afterland

“You can’t imagine how much the world can change in six months.”

Lauren Beukes has established a name as a writer who crosses literary, SF, and other genres, producing some of the best speculative titles of this century. Penned before the current pandemic but not published until 2020, Afterland has most of the male human population die from a plague that hit in, as it happens, 2020. The overwhelmingly female future is no women’s paradise. Our protagonist, Cole, and her son, Miles, find themselves on a nightmarish road trip, with representatives of legal and criminal enterprises in pursuit. Among her adversaries: her own sister, accompanied by a pair of mercenaries.

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Discovery Discussion: “Su’Kal”

What with Christmas, The Expanse, and Wonder Woman 1984, we didn’t get to Discovery with spore-drive speed. However, this week’s episode, which brings us the possible origin of the Burn, some strong performances by the leads, and a confrontation with the Chain, ends with a cliffhanger. I’ll review both next week. Meanwhile, here’s a place to discuss “Su’Kal” and, as a bonus….

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