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Rest in Peace: Petra Mayer

Petra Mayer, NPR book editor and reviewer and long-time promoter of SF, fantasy, and comics, has died suddenly on November 13 as the result of a (probable) pulmonary embolism. She was 46.

In addition to her help promoting SF and Fantasy to a broader audience, she also worked for two years as an audio editor for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty, and she made a number of appearances at SF conventions.

Requiescat in pace.

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October Review: Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark

For our final October Countdown Review, for the Big Day itself, we have the 2019 adaptation of the middle grade books accused of warping the minds of a generation, the late-twentieth-century “Tales from the Crypt,” Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark. Alvin Schwartz and artist Stephen Gammell presented the collections as folk literature, drawing on urban legends, old yarns, and local folklore, and the books have become classics, despite the concerns of some parents and school boards.1

The movie creates a larger frame in which to place the horror. It begins Halloween Night, 1968, in a small town haunted by a mysterious figure known for her scary stories…. And alleged to have been a killer of children.

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