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Superman & Lois Review: “What Lies Beneath”

Three months have passed since the end of season one, and Clark still can’t get a shave. Meanwhile, John Henry Irons tries to bond with his daughter, Lois is distant and irritable, Superman isn’t getting along with the DOD, and the drama amongst the world’s oldest fifteen-year-olds has been turned up to Riverdale2 (while their antics remain CW-PG).

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Graphic Novel Review: Paper Girls: The Complete Story

The Eisner-award-winning, fan-lauded comic series finally came to its definitive conclusion and a complete, full-colour collection, clocking in a 800 or so pages, became available in October of last year. This year, Amazon will present the first season of its TV adaptation. We offer it as a special New Year’s review.

In 1988, a group of 12-year-old bike-riding paper carriers in a small-town-seeming suburb of Cleveland encounter an SF mystery that will send them careening through time and space.

Note: Paper Girls started publication a year before anyone heard of Stranger Things.

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The Expanse Review: “Force Projection” and “Redoubt”

…for in such dangerous things as war, the errors which proceed from a spirit of benevolence are just the worst.
–Carl von Clausewitz, On War, Chapter One
(trans. J.J. Graham)

“Here we are, still trying to kill our way to a better tomorrow.”
–James Holden, “Redoubt.”

Earth and Mars take the war to Marco Inaros, Holden makes a controversial decision that stirs dissent among his crew, and Drummer issues a challenge.

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MCU Review: Hawkeye

We’re only getting to the Disney+ Marvel shows now, and we decided to start with the “Christmas one.” Short version: the acting and production are solid, the leads have great chemistry, the story keeps moving, and it features a killer holiday soundtrack.

If you want a more detailed review, read on. You will encounter some minor spoilers, though I’ve avoided the more serious ones.

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