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Novel Review: The Thousand Crimes of Ming Tsu

“Ambush!” Ming turned and shouted behind them. “Ambush!” he raised his gun and shot the two lead riders in quick succession, their riderless horses running out from underneath them and galloping panicked onward (85).

A Chinese-American railway worker, accompanied by a blind seer, heads across a magic-realist old west seeking revenge and hoping to reunite with his wife.

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Movie Review: The Green Knight (2021)

Þis kyng lay at Camylot upon Kryst-masse,
With mony luflych lorde, ledes of þe best,
Rekenly of þe rounde table alle þo rich breþer,
With rych revel oryȝt, & rechles merþes.
But then this great green guy gate-crashes
(crazy pre-Christian Celtic character),
And feces would fain fall into fan
But fans haven’t been invented yet, yo.

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