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Movie Review: Everything Everywhere All At Once

I’ve been a fan of Michelle Yeoh’s work for years, and this is a film that really lets her showcase every aspect of her skill as an actor. If she doesn’t get a Best Leading Actress nomination at the Academy Awards for this role, she will have been robbed.

Alex rhapsodized about this film when it came out, and Blaine put it at the top of his “to watch” list. But we’ve never reviewed the multi-award-winning, groundbreaking megahit, so here’s a belated look at the film that ruled the 2023 Academy Awards.

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October Countdown: Nope (2022)

The night is upon us! The finale of our haunted Halloween Countdown, 2022, features two very different productions. We start with summer’s super, sinister hit.

The 2022 hit film features a pair of animal-wrangling siblings, a goofy tech guy, an old-school cinematographer, and the troubled manager of a roadside attraction. This disparate adult Scooby gang becomes embroiled in an otherworldly mystery out in the California desert.

It’s a little reminiscent of Spielberg, except you don’t want to look up in awe at the sky.


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