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Superman & Lois Review: “Man of Steel” and “Holding the Wrench”

“Are you out of your mind? You don’t go snooping around the guy from another world’s murder van!”

Superman faces actual life-threatening danger. The Captain Luthor arc ends for now, but a larger threat looms.

Meanwhile, on Smallville: The Next Generation, The Cushing Family drama intensifies as the Kent boys leave football behind and Lois sees a therapist.

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David Anthony Kraft, R.I.P.

David Anthony Kraft, comic-book writer, rock journalist, SF/fantasy publisher, and creator of Comics Interview, has died after a prolonged battle with COVID-related pneumonia. He was 68 years old.

Kraft wrote for several companies, and many remember him best as one of the writers who introduced social issues into his comic-book stories. He had particularly memorable runs on The Defenders and She-Hulk.

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Penguicon– online!

Missing SF conventions? Michigan’s Penguicon, a meeting of SF/Fantasy Fandom, Techies, Open Source Coders, Hackers, and general nerds-at-large goes online this year, with a cost of only $10:00. It actually opened yesterday, but it really doesn’t take off until tonight, and there’s still a lot of virtual space available.

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Novel Review: A Desolation Called Peace

Arkady Martine’s debut novel A Memory Called Empire received multiple award nominations and won the Hugo for best novel. The first in a series, it was followed in March of 2021 with this novel, with more of the conflicts and intrigue involving the future Teixcalaanli Empire, the “barbarian” human settlements in its environs, and some very interesting extraterrestrials.

The more you explore your reality, internal and external….

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