Weekly Digital Disc Picks – November 1, 2011

It’s a slow week, but there are some worthwhile titles out this week.

Title Available Formats
Alex: This is very stylized action film, about a cowboy (Josh Harnett) and a samurai (Japanese rock star Gackt), taking on a russian crime boss (Ron Perlman), with the help of a bartender (Woody Harrelson).
Hell in a Cell 2011
Amagami SS Collection 2
Dragon Ball Z Movie Pack Collection 1
Contains the first 1-5 movies.
Gakuen Alice: 5 DVD LightBox Collection
Art House
Confessions of a Dangerous Mind
Classics (Cult)
Classics (Traditional)
The Artists: The Best of Kino’s Silent Classics Vol. 1
Includes Metropolis (the 1927 version), Blood and Sand, The Thief of Bagdad, It, Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde (the 1920 version with John Barrymore reviewed here), Broken Blossoms and The General, which is one of my favorite comedies of all time.
TCM Greatest Classic Legends: Rooney and Garland
Includes Babes on Broadway, Strike Up the Band, Babes in Arms and Girl Crazy.
Californication: Season Four
Pie in the Sky Complete Collection
Comic Book: The Movie
Cop Land
Cars 2
Cars Director’s Edition
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
Includes Cars, Cars 2 and Mater’s Tall Tales
Essential Daffy Duck
Toy Story
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/3D Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
Blaine: Either I suck at using our search engine, or we’ve never actually reviewed this! If that’s the case, we need to correct that oversight.
Toy Story 2
  • DVD/Blu-Ray/3D Blu-Ray/Digital combo: Amazon
Blaine: I can’t a review of this one either.
Toy Story 3D Trilogy
Transformers Beast Wars: The Complete Series
Phantom of the Opera (1925)
Blaine: As usual, Lon Chaney did all of his own makeup. A great classic horror.
Music / Musical
TCM Greatest Classic Film Collection: Astaire and Rogers Volume Two
Includes Roberta, Follow the Fleet, Flying Down to Rio and The Story of Vernon and Irene Castle.
TCM Greatest Classic Films: Thin Man 1
Includes The Thin Man, After The Thin Man, Another Thin Man and Shadow of the Thin Man. These have been on my “should watch” list for a while, as I’m told they are good early mystery movies.
Crazy, Stupid, Love
Enchanted April
An Invisible Sign
Water for Elephants
Science Fiction
The Philadelphia Experiment
Christmas Carol: 60th Anniversary Diamond Edition
The 1951 version with Alastair Sim. This was reviewed in a previous edition here.
It’s a Wonderful Life Giftset
Includes a Bell ornament. Reviewed here, in the unlikely event that anyone is unfamiliar with it.
This was one of our first weekend reviews.
The Big Country
Rawhide: The Fourth Season, Vol. 2

Finally, the picks of the week. Alex says, “This week is pretty slow, so I’m going to go with Bunraku. I haven’t seen it before. The film’s trailer really appealed to me, and made me want to give the film a try.” Blaine says, “I don’t care how many times they’ve been rereleased, the Toy Story franchise is amazing. If you’ve already got them, go for the Kino Silent Classics set.”

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  1. Confessions of a Dangerous Mind is definitely worth a look.

    See Chaney’s Phantom of the Opera or ya haven’t seen Phantom of the Opera.

    And some people remain huge fans of The Thin Man.

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