Halloween Newspace

Our tv reviews may be a little late, but we’ll get’em out. Meanwhile, here’s some seasonal Newspace, including a very creepy trailer for John Carpenter’s Blockhead….

UPDATE: Video of Heidi Klum’s “Visible Woman” costume has been added.

We stayed at the allegedly haunted Blythewood Manor in Niagara Falls last summer. The proprietors insist ghosts walk the halls; the closest we got was the mysterious smell of chocolate in the washroom of our room—- a washroom that was once the servants’ kitchen. The Ghost of Hot Chocolate past? Or lingering aroma of scented candles?

Never mind. Someone has compiled a list of Haunted Hotels for you to check out (or check in).

In Britain, such a list would almost be impossible to compile. Every old inn harbors at least one ghost.

Just in time for the season of suspense, astronomers have found three more new planets and…. a mysterious object.

Extra-terrestrial artifacts could be going about in disguise.

And a mystery has been solved: Learn why the late Steve Jobs could drive a car without a license.

Made it this far? Here’s the trailer for Blockhead:

Okay, it’s not actually by Carpenter. Nor is it real.

And here’s a rather “light” Haunted House from this autumn:

Maybe next year we should all review some local spooky attractions?

Celebrity costumes this year included Heidi Klum’s already notorious visible woman:

Haunted Greetings to all!