Blockbuster Who?

Harry Potter director David Yates will be directing a big-budget Doctor Who movie, which will likely not star any of the current Doctors.

Information may be found here and in numerous other places.

We meant to post this two days ago! However, we can discuss it any time.

Of course, this isn’t the first movie-theater Doctor. Peter Cushing played a wholly human incarnation of the character back in the 60s:

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  1. A big budget theatrical production could be good. Or it could be abominable. More likely it will tend toward the latter but you never know. It depends on the writers and producers.

    I find myself torn on whether I would prefer such a movie to be in the same continuity as the series or not. On the one hand, wouldn’t it be cool if it did follow the series continuity? On the other hand, how are they going to pull such a thing off sanely without alienating and/or confusing the audience members who are not up to speed on everything?

  2. I dunno, we’ve heard this before. What did they say last time, Johnny Depp as The Doctor or something and everyone freaked the hell out?

  3. Here’s what I took away from that post. “Oh yeah, those old Peter Cushing movies were supposed to be Doctor Who.” I had totally forgotten that they existed in any way shape or form. I imagine this movie would be the same way.

    Surely, in the eons long history of Gallifrey, there was another guy named “Doctor” at one point, yeah? So the movie doctor is just another Time Lord – and, if he sucks, it’s a good thing he’s not the proper one. We dismiss him to limbo along with the old Peter Cushing Doctor. If he’s worth watching, on the other hand? …Well, It still doesn’t work, but we can cross that bridge when we get to it.

    I’m willing to give David Yates a mulligan.

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