SFContario: Toronto, November 18-20

The second ever SFContario runs this weekend in Toronto. Guests and panelists include John Scalzi, Karl Schroeder, Robert Charles Wilson, Robert Sawyer, and many more– and the Con will be hosting the Auroras.

(A certain Bureau author will be paneling there, too, and running a workshop).

Information here.

Anyone else going?

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  1. I’m going to go ahead and thread-jack.

    But rather than bring up a bunch of topics I feel should be discussed, I’m going to just suggest that maybe every now and again we maybe have an Open Thread where people like me can bring stuff up without thread-jacking like a jerk? (;

    • Well, the Newspace columns (the last one was an exception) typically cover enough material and are posted often enough that they might qualify.

      Do other people want a thread for jerks? Ah, you know what I mean.

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