The Next Geek Test – Star Trek: The Original Series

The statistics are still accumulating on our Babylon 5 test, but that’s no reason to stop now. Our Star Trek: The Original Series test, restricted exclusively to canonical adventures (pre-2009 relaunch), can be found at Please take the test once only, make your best effort, and give yourself the same user name / e-mail address / unique string you used on prior tests (assuming you volunteer such a label in the first place.)

7 replies on “The Next Geek Test – Star Trek: The Original Series”

  1. The blurb above says “restricted exclusively to live action adventures of the original ship’s crew and original”, but a bunch of questions need info on DS9/TNG and possibly others to answer correctly.

    I suppose you were just trying to say – the JJ Abrams Star Trek is not included, neither where the cartoons. Or comic books, nor extensive book series, and not the original cast movies either!

    It’s actually hard trying to filter out all the info when answering the questions.

  2. Blaine, it might be a good idea if you put a blurb at the beginning of each test that says it’s okay to leave answers blank if you don’t know the answer. (That, or put an “I don’t know” option for each question.) When I did the first test, I felt that I had to select an answer for every question, and so I guessed on a few — which may have skewed your results slightly. But now I know better and just left them blank.

    • Don’t worry Chad. I’m thinking that I’ve been getting enough responses to model each question on a three parameter fit: the third parameter is the probability of answering correctly by guessing.

  3. Well, took the test but clicked enter before I remembered I was supposed to put in my email, so you’v got an anonymous entry, I guess. Never got into B5 so it was good to see a franchise I **did** know about. BTW Test answer removed by administrator with permission of the original poster.

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