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Bureau 42 Geek Test – Comics

The next two Bureau 42 Geek tests are ready, looking at Marvel (http://bit.ly/shJs5i) and DC (http://bit.ly/s2qUO9) comics specifically. Please complete, and by all means, share! As always, using the unique identifiers will help me out. I plan to have 8-10 initial geek test categories, and I will then try to model results on all of them combined. This would be much, much easier if I could connect responses on one test with another. Also, as always, please complete each test only once and to the best of your ability.

The Next Geek Test – Star Trek: The Original Series

The statistics are still accumulating on our Babylon 5 test, but that’s no reason to stop now. Our Star Trek: The Original Series test, restricted exclusively to canonical adventures (pre-2009 relaunch), can be found at http://bit.ly/vE8l2z. Please take the test once only, make your best effort, and give yourself the same user name / e-mail address / unique string you used on prior tests (assuming you volunteer such a label in the first place.)

Babylon 5 Geek Test at Bureau 42

The development of Bureau 42’s Geek Test continues. This time around, site founder Dave created 20 questions to challenge and norm our readers. You can take the test at http://bit.ly/rE14oC. Please do the test once only, and give it your best effort. Come back next week for a similar test for Star Trek: The Original Series. Feel free to share the link! We’ll need a lot more respondents this time around; Part A had 32 possible response patterns, while this part has 1048576, and we need to see the way those patterns appear when people are trying their hardest.